Brody Dorland

Normally the words “social butterfly” and “computer geek” wouldn’t be used in the same sentence, but that’s Brody.

While building his first website as part of a college project in the mid 90’s, Brody had a hunch that this “internet thing” would be part of his future. After college, Brody battled in the trenches of corporate marketing and advertising agencies, but then took the entrepreneurial leap in 2005 by starting his own interactive agency.

Over the years, Brody’s unique ability to demystify the technologies and best practices of content strategy and digital marketing has propelled him onto the national stage and landed him such clients as Staples, Major League Baseball, H&R Block, Walmart, Sprint and Nokia.

Today, Brody is the Co-Founder and co-creator of DivvyHQ, a content planning and production workflow tool that is used by content marketers across the globe.